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Bosanski za strance
Bosanski za strance - Bosnian for Tourists

Bosnian language for travelers/ tourists

- Individual or Semi-Individual classes. Our center organizes Bosnian language lessons for tourists. The learning program can be organized as Semi-Individual(2 to 1) or individuals(one to one). The aim of the course is to teach our students Bosnian in an interesting, fast and efficient way. We conduct a need analysis and adjust our syllabus to the needs of our clients in order to enable them to successfully learn Bosnian and apply it outside the classroom. Bosnian lessons are organized by very experienced Native Bosnian Speakers.

Students may choose topics they really need or like(greetings, hotels&restaurants, travel, tourists agency, shoping, informal talks...etc)

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Bosanski za strance - General

Bosnian language for foreigners 

We organize Individual and Semi-individual classes, Beginner & Intermediate. If you want to develop communication skills in Bosnian, talk fluently, present your idea, work in small groups (5-8Ss), semi individual groups of min 2 to max 4 students, or have individual lessons - One to one? If you are basic in Bosnian or have an appropriate level of knowledge, then this course is right for you.

You can choose the intensity and duration of the course, from 1-12 weeks, 2-5 time a week, the topics that suits you and which are tailored to your actual needs of the workplace or other environment. Courses are tailored based on ET - Entry Test and TNA - Trainees Needs Analysis and can be General, Business (Banking, Marketing, Finance,...etc.) or professional (Diplomats, Politics, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Journalism, Film, Fashion, the combination of multiple programs and etc.). It is also possible to arrange communication business skills such as successfully negotiating, telephoning, conducting meetings, successful presentations, writing reports, business correspondence, and other skills depending on the needs of customers (understanding texts, listening, etc.) designed for business people, students, postgraduates and those who want to improve their communication skills in Bosnian. Classes may be taken 3-5 times a week for 2-4 hours of 45 ' or Total Immersion Program such as Weekend Marathon Program(3-5 days per 6x45' lessons). Group programe consist a minimum of 30 hours or approximately 20 full hours with the included final testing. The course may also include: * Small Talks, Case Studies, Useful Language or phrases, etc.. LEARN BOSNIAN Bosnian Grammar (click)

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Bosanski za strance - Poslovni

Bosnian Language - Business Course

BCS-BHS Bosnian Business Language Course - From an intensive one-to-one Bosnian Business Course at our training centre to an in-company Bosnian course, Interlingua can provide you with a Bosnian language course that meets your unique needs. Why a Bosnian course in our centre? Our Bosnian courses are highly personalised and designed to improve your Bosnian communication and language skills, whether your focus is business, financial, diplomatic, legal or social. Upon completion of a Bosnian course with Interlingua here in Sarajevo, you will have the confidence to communicate in Bosnian with clients, suppliers and colleagues.

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Bosanski za strance - About Sarajevo


It is generally accepted that Sarajevo is founded in the mid 15th century by the Ottoman governor of Bosnia – Isa-bey Ishakovic – to house the area's Ottoman government. Anyone strolling through Sarajevo will easily notice the city's three distinct parts each reflective of the historical period in which it was built. The initial expansion of the city occurred during the first 150 years or so of Ottoman rule. Many of the city’s architectural gems were built during this period such as Gazi Husrev Bey’s and The Emperor’s Mosques. Baščaršija – the city’s, once great, bazaar – was also constructed during the same period. By the beginning of the XVII century, Sarajevo grew into a vibrant community of artisans and an important merchant trading post, as well as one of the most significant cities in the European part of Ottoman Empire.

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Bosanski za strance - About Bosnian Language


Overview of Bosnian Language - Bosnian is a South-Slavic language, closely related to both Croatian and Serbian. It is spoken in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in parts of Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro. Before the division of Yugoslavia, Bosnian was considered a dialect of Serbo-Croatian, but was declared a separate language by the Bosnian government when the country became independent. The Bosnian Alphabet, Bosnian Pronunciation, and Spelling - The Bosnian language is written with a variation of the Latin alphabet, similar to the one used by English but with a few additional letters. The Bosnian alphabet has thirty letters, of which five are vowels and twenty-five are consonants. Two of the consonants are digraphs, meaning they are written with two characters but are considered to be a single letter. Some of the letters are pronounced much like their English counterparts, while other differ noticeably. English speakers learning to speak Bosnian should take note of these differences. For example, the letter r can function as a vowel when it appears between two consonants in some Bosnian words, such as mrkva "carrot" and prtljag "luggage". It is a consonant when it appears in other positions in Bosnian words. Bosnian spelling tends to be quite phonetic. Most letters represent only one sound, and all the written letters in a word are pronounced. In the past, a version of the Cyrillic alphabet, similar but not identical to the one used by Russian, was used to write the Bosnian language. That Bosnian Cyrillic alphabet may still occasionally be seen and accepted today, but it is falling out of use.

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Bosanski za strance - Useful phrases

BCS for Foreigners - USEFUL PHRASES

As a standardized form of the Shtokavian dialect, Bosnian is one of the three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The same subdialect of Shtokavian is also the basis of standard Croatian, Serbian, and Montenegrin, so all are mutually intelligible.

The modern Bosnian language uses the Latin alphabet. However, the Bosnian standard uses both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. Bosnian Grammar (click)

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