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Study in Bosnia
Četvrtak, 25 Maj 2017 20:39

Study in Bosnia 

Do you want study in Bosnia?

Bosnia and Herzegovina is quickly becoming a draw with study abroad students for its affordability, rich culture and easy access to a dizzying array of outdoor activities.

Located in southeastern Europe, it boasts stunning mountain ranges and coastal beaches along the Adriatic Sea, making it not a bad place to call home. Modern Bosnia and Herzegovina continues to be a unique blend of East and West as the result of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires leaving their legacies here. This country is an ideal place to study conflict resolution and diplomacy as a prime example of a nation that has successfully rebuilt itself, leaving its recent dark past behind.

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Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Četvrtak, 25 Maj 2017 00:00

Information for Foreign Students in Bosnia-Herzegovina

 How to apply 

Academic information 

Study programmes 


Before coming to Sarajevo 

Living&Studying in Sarajevo

 Obtaining a Visa


Cost of Living

 Health & Safety

 Transportation


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