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Study Bosnian High School
Study Bosnian High School
Srijeda, 24 Maj 2017 15:23

Study Bosnian High School

High School - High School Abroad

Interlingua International Service for advice and choosing the best school for your child is mainly for FREE. As an official and direct representatives of the selected schools from abroad, our role is to provide you the right information to help plan the academic future of your child.

Application for scholarships, information and special arrangements for granting special discounts are something that we are actively working with their students, in order to succeed in that fight as favorable and better conditions for each of our clients. Depending on the school and destinations, we are able to assist our students in obtaining from 10% to 35% scholarships (for the full cost of tuition and accommodation)! When choosing a high school abroad, it is important to be aware that choosing the best school for your child!