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Interlingua International Students Office
Četvrtak, 25 Maj 2017 21:16

Interlingua International Students Office -  We help you to find an appropriate university and accommodation, to obtain visa and teach you the Academic Bosnian or English Language, etc.

Are you looking for someone who can give you reliable answers to questions concerning your studies? Do you need advice on choosing a major subject? Are you considering changing your major? You would like to study, but do not have a university entrance qualification? You would like to learn Bosnian Language or find an appropriate accommodation? You have a university degree from another country?

Interlingua International Student Office can help.

Interlingua International Students Office mediates between students and universities in BiH, whether they are private or state. We are representatives of relevant listed educational institutions and operate according to their official conditions and price lists. 

Interlingua International helps foreign students in admission to college, in finding accommodation, obtaining documents for a visa, in finding scholarships at many universities for basic and master studies. Interlingua also organizes the entrance exams preparation for students, as well as prepare students for successful monitoring of lectures and exercises in Bosnian or English language. Interlingua organizes courses and teach Bosnian language for foreigners or English Language according to the requirements of the relevant educational institution. 

Interlingua International as a representative of the university, leads the student through registration procedure that includes several stages that have to be implemented within the given terms. The most important is choosing a college, and it is significant that often we can check whether the student is a suitable candidate before they begin formal application. This free consultation is a significant advantage, because the student is not at risk of losing precious time applying for college whose criteria do not meet. 

Interlingua International consultants have all relevant information about the educational institutions we represent. In addition, our offices regularly organize consultations with clients and representatives of the faculty, in which interested students and parents directly from representatives of the faculty can get all the important information. Our core activity is consulting in the field of natural selection adequate education. Video postcard Bosnia&Herzegovina   

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